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Processing vs Ingredients: The Various Routes To Clean-Label

26 Mar 2024
North Gallery Rooms 14 & 15 - Campden BRI Conference
There is ever increasing pressure on the food industry to produce clean label products. One avenue the food industry is exploring in increasing depth is to use ingredients that have more than one function and can contribute to the safety of a food product. Bert de Vegdt of Kerry Foods will take us through his view of the current multifunctional ingredients area. Another route to a clean label is via processing, and we are excited to hear the latest developments in processes that can improve safety whilst maintaining quality from Craig Leadley, Fellow at Campden BRI.
Alec Kyriakides, Independent Food Safety Consultant
Bert de Vegt, Global Vice President and General Manager - Kerry Foods
Craig Leadley, Fellow - Campden BRI

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