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What's The Future For Vegan And Plant Based Diets - Has The Bubble Burst?

27 Mar 2024
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As a society we are eating less meat. Data from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs showed that in 2023, meat consumption had fallen to its lowest level since records began in the 70s. The cost of living crisis is leading many to choose cheaper vegetarian options, yet only 1% of the population are ethical vegans and there is talk of the vegan bubble having burst. We speak to a panel of women at the heart of the vegan movement to discuss these issues and look at the future of vegan & plant based diets.
Mecca Ibrahim, Co-founder - Women in The Food Industry
Claire Ogley, Head of Campaigns, Policy and Research - The Vegan Society
Emilia Leese, Author & Podcaster - Think Like a Vegan
Indy Kaur, Founder - Plant Futures
Roshni Shah, Partnerships Manager - Made in Hackney

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