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Digital printing solutions help customers grasp trending business opportunities

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Digital printing solutions help customers grasp trending business opportunities
Digital with small run for various items

The Covid 19 pandemic is the new normal in a world where digitization has generated rapid changes in consumer behavior. Companies that can quickly grasp market preferences and flexibly adjust production processes in this new world are able to greatly improve their core competitiveness. Food manufacturers and companies that manufacture products used by consumers daily are two types of companies doing exactly that.

Taiwan Lamination is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging materials offering a wide variety of products manufactured across the company’s three factories. Chemicals packaging for a wide variety of household products, food packaging (confectionery, drinks, coffee beans, frozen food), general industrial packaging (totes, cooler bags, hand carry bags, heat insulation film), electronics, and auto parts are amongst their biggest product categories.
Digital printing is a sector growing in leaps and bounds. In 2021 revenue had doubled to 120 million underlining the amount of investment now pouring into this sector. The advantages of digital printing include greatly reduced MOQs, as well as enabling fast, highly flexible and customizable production. It also allows small batch productions to test the market and different production processes which can greatly reduce costs.

Taiwan Lamination has 40 years of experience in the packaging industry. Apart from the expertise and capacity to manufacture a huge variety of packaging products, Taiwan Lamination can also provide customers with an all-in-one complete and comprehensive solution. Taiwan Lamination exhaustively works with their customers to analyze their needs. Once a customer’s needs are clearly identified they then have the option to select the most appropriate materials and select the particular production process they consider to be most appropriate. Testing is an option and, of course, visual design can be shaped to a customer’s preferences. Once these details are worked out, customers are able to concentrate on production and leave everything else to Taiwan Lamination

The push for companies to meet environmental protection standards and produce sustainable green packaging materials has intensified over the years, and there is great demand for environmental protection. The great advantage of E Ink is that it does not produce VOCs. Where local environmental regulations are in force, Taiwan Lamination is able to work with customers and use BPI certified biodegradable materials in production given the great need for products that meet environmental protection standards.

Through digital printing and small-batch printing services in Taiwan, Taiwan Lamination successfully works with Taiwan’s emerging coffee roasters. The Southeast Asian market is developing rapidly. Indonesia for example is a vast archipelago with thousands of islands, and the demand for packaging materials in the food processing industry is strong. Taiwan Lamination is currently seeking local distributors that can work with it in that region.

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