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EZ Factory Product video of the EZ-GO platform

EZ Factory Stand: 777

Our passion: Power to the Operator!

We want to make factory floor operations easier by using digital solutions. The founders of EZ Factory have worked
side by side with operators for years and learned from this experience. In every factory they saw the same challenges:

  • Low safety awareness as paper task registrations and audit trails are difficult to monitor
  • Quality issues as poor execution of non-updated tasks result in quality defects and recalls
  • Low productivity as execution and follow-up of checks audits and tasks takes up a lot of time
  • Long downtime as execution of first-hand maintenance tasks is poor due to lack of overview
  • With current practices it is hard to offer operators direct clear and up-to-date instructions
  • Finally it’s hard to effectively empower operators to be committed and manage their work autonomously
  • It’s even more difficult to allow operators to contribute to continuous process improvement
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