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Rosetta Brands

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Rosetta Brands

Rosetta Brands, operating globally, collaborates with consumer brands and distributors to unlock growth opportunities on Amazon. Our services facilitate easy access to Amazon Vendor benefits, catering to over 350 clients worldwide across regions such as the UK, Australia, and the EU. 

As part of the Rosetta Brands Group, RB Digital serves as a specialised global agency for brands navigating the complexities of Amazon. RB Digital's offerings encompass product page optimization, A+ content creation, development of brand stores, efficient channel management, technical services, and dedicated advertising. Our advertising division is committed to delivering tailored campaigns and growth strategies, extending its support to companies of varied sizes, ranging from established PLC brands to emerging challengers and start-ups.


Rosetta Brands Ltd
Rosetta Brands ltd
Barn 2, Island Farm
United Kingdom


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