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We invite you to submit your entries for the IFE Manufacturing Ingredient Awards in association with IFST.

  • Entries are open to all manufacturers and you can enter more than one category if you so wish and it is free to enter.
  • Please prepare all information in advance as the form will not allow you to save your progress. We suggest you work on a word document first then copy over your answers into the form once written. 
  • Please be concise and provide examples where relevant to support your nomination.
  • You can enter all categories, but you can only nominate a business or product once.
  • If you use any acronyms, please explain what they are (unless commonly known).
  • The deadline for entries is Monday 15th January 2024 at 5pm.
  • Shortlists will be announced mid-February and the Awards Ceremony will take place at IFE Manufacturing on Monday 25th March 2024.
  • For further information, please contact the team here.

Submit your entries for the following categories

Innovative Protein Sources

New Technologies for Improved Health

Achieving Sustainable Solutions

New Ingredient Launch from a Start-up Company

Simplified Ingredient Lists for Clean Labels

Key Partners

Media Partners

Insight Partner

Charity Partners