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15 Feb 2023

BioPak launch new environmentally friendly Sushi trays

BioPak launch new environmentally friendly Sushi trays

BioPak has launched a new range of environmentally friendly Sushi trays and lids that result in 75% less greenhouse gases than conventional plastic alternatives.

The sushi tray bases are made of bagasse with 80% sugarcane pulp and 20% bamboo pulp. The rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp is made from a by-product that would otherwise be burned after the juice has been extracted for sugar production.

The sushi trays are available in 3 different sizes, small - 138mm x 63mm wide, long - 192mm x 62mm, and large - 185mm x 105mm. The bioplastic sushi tray lids are leak-proof and have an anti-fog additive that allows for crystal-clear presentation.

Leanne Osborne, Managing Director of BioPak UK, said: “We’re excited to launch this new product which will be perfect for restaurants around the country. We’ve seen a lot of demand in anticipation for this particular product and, as always, we’re glad we can provide a market-leading packaging solution that is better for the planet than the traditional plastic-based alternatives.”

Last year, BioPak’s packaging helped to offset 90,538 tonnes of carbon and stopped the creation of 21,211 tonnes of plastic.

For more information on the Sushi trays, visit the BioPak website:


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