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22 Mar 2024

GREENPEEL Tray - new hybrid tray launch at MM Packaging

GREENPEEL Tray - new hybrid tray launch at MM Packaging

GreenPeel is a fibre-based tray designed by MM Packaging, a packaging solution made of over 85% carton board featuring a removable liner. Heat sealable and hermetic, it is suitable for modified atmosphere (MAP), vacuumed skin, and non-MAP top-seal packaging applications. It can reduce plastic consumption by up to 90% compared to a standard plastic tray and is currently manufactured in France.

The GreenPeel tray is designed to run efficiently with its flat and single piece back surface, its continuous flat outer rim and its flange width, which also allows a hermetic seal and responds to the high food safety requirements.

GreenPeel is multi-adaptable by adjusting the overall size of the tray to an existing upper sealing tool and is available in a variety of board grades and liners on the standard format range. Brand owners can make their product stand out on the shelves by printing a distinct or natural effect design on the board, and use the surface to add information for the consumer, in addition to their sleeve, label or printed top seal.

To recycle more effectively, the board and film can be easily separated by peeling apart by the consumer before discarding the packaging.

Which food industries can use GreenPeel?

GreenPeel is already available in stores in France used by prepared meal companies. It can be frozen, chilled and reheated by the consumer.*

Food manufacturers from fresh, chilled, ambient and frozen industries can use these trays for their prepared meals, meat, fish, seafood, desserts, doughs, snacking, dairy, sliced fruits, pet foods and more.

What is GreenPeel packaging a response for?

Demand for sustainable packaging has never been greater. In response to growing environmental pressures to the food manufacturers and retailers, and the consumer’s demand for sustainable packaging alternatives, MM Packaging developed after a few years of research and development GreenPeel.

As a leader in folding cartons in Europe, it was key for MM Packaging to offer to the market a solution that responds to this demand whilst maintaining current performance that is required for its customers with the solutions that they have today for a new tomorrow.

*As the intended use (e.g. temperature, time, food type, packaging format) determine the behaviour of the tray, tests and trials will determine the suitability of the tray to the specific end use.

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