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03 Apr 2023

Meet the supplier: Aptean's world-leading software for the food & beverage sector

Meet the supplier: Aptean's world-leading software for the food & beverage sector

IFE Manufacturing chats to Aptean, a provider of innovative software for the food & beverage sector helping to transform food production.

What does Aptean do?

Aptean is one of the world’s leading providers of industry-specific software for the food and beverage industry, uniquely designed to help producers, manufacturers, and distributors effectively run and grow their businesses. Our relentless commitment to innovation, cloud-first thinking and deep vertical functionality delivers purpose-built solutions and superior customer experiences, to help businesses of all sizes to be Ready for What’s Next, Now®. Our solutions are configured to drive both today’s operational needs, and the evolving business strategies of modern and agile food and beverage organisations.

Aptean, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia (USA) has delivered digital transformation projects for over 800 food and beverage companies, who now benefit from always-on system availability, stable hosting, and cost predictability.


What are some of the benefits of automating internal processes for food & drink businesses?

Aptean is uniquely positioned to support your digital transformation journey, helping to automate and accelerate the output of critical, sector-specific operational processes to reduce costs and protect profits.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain solutions streamline and optimise the end-to-end sourcing, processing, packaging, distribution and financial operations, focusing resource on the most important jobs within your business and prioritising your growth strategy.

Specifically, automation allows you to collect data at every point of your supply chain in real time, providing the visibility and analysis to support strategic thinking and decision making. This level of control improves business agility and your ability to respond to the challenges of today’s volatile marketplace.


Why is now a good time to invest in solutions from Aptean?

The food and beverage market is continually evolving; in response to labour and skills shortages, rising costs and inflation, and geopolitical disruptions, or out of a need to remain competitive, aligned to  consumer demands or trends for increased traceability and sustainability across the food supply chain.

According to recent research from IDC, visibility into business operations is now critical to mitigate risk, but wider agility delivered by digital technology will bring greater gains.

Partnering with Aptean to build a robust, flexible and innovative digital infrastructure will provide greater protection and resilience against these external market pressures, whilst increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of production.

Aptean can help you to respond dynamically in a fast-moving environment to drive greater productivity whilst protecting your profitability.


What was Aptean’s experience of IFE Manufacturing 2023?

This was the second time exhibiting at IFE Manufacturing for Aptean and we found that the show was a great opportunity to meet and network with a range of local and international food and beverage businesses.

Our participation helped to accelerate some of our business goals, not least to continue to build our brand by demonstrating the innovative ERP, PLM and TMS solutions we can offer for food and beverage producers, manufacturers, and distributors.

It also provided us with a valuable learning opportunity. Not only hearing a range of industry experts speak in the seminar programme but also confirmation of the role of tradeshows in today’s marketing mix, and what elements make for a successful show. Utilising the wide range of affordable advertising options over three months prior to the event, and the superb support and partnership of IFE Manufacturing Senior Commercial Manager Stuart Walker, helped us to maximise our investment.

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