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04 Mar 2024

Meet the Exhibitor: sales-i on how sales intelligence CRMs can grow margins and open up new opportunities

Meet the Exhibitor: sales-i on how sales intelligence CRMs can grow margins and open up new opportunities

IFE Manufacturing catches up with sales-i, a sales enablement software offering sales teams data analytics and CRM insights for every sale made, to learn more about the benefits of automation and insights for growing food & drink businesses. 

What does sales-i do?

sales-i provides a Sales Intelligence CRM to Food and Drink businesses in the Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Distribution industries. sales-i is a tool designed to fully integrate with your existing ERP system to identify and proactively alert a salesperson to threats and opportunities in their customer base. Condensing everything a salesperson needs into a field sales application means that sales teams can spend more time selling and less time interrogating spreadsheets.

What services do you offer to food & drink brands?

sales-i offers an all-in-one solution comprising CRM, Business Intelligence and Field Sales Application to any B2B business selling Food & Drink products. Our solution identifies and proactively delivers customer insights to the eye of a salesperson ensuring that every meeting has a purpose and no opportunity goes missed.

How can instant sales reports and customer insights benefit a food & drink business?

Staying on top of how your customers are buying and when they stop buying is a constant time investment for a salesperson – delivering proactive and actionable insights automatically means that every meeting has a purpose and a salesperson is asking the correct questions.

Have you seen any interesting trends in the world of food & drink this year?

Post-Covid, the Food and Drink industry has seen one of the most intense rebounds in market buoyancy – as a result we have seen a marked uplift in Food and Drink businesses prioritising growing margins in existing and returning business. Naturally, this has drawn many B2B Food & Drink businesses to solutions that automate and enhance this process.

What will you be promoting at IFE Manufacturing 2024? 

We will be demonstrating and discussing our platform at our stand 355 and showcasing how our product is used by Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors in the Food and Drink Industry to sell more effectively, enhance their customer visibility and the benefits of a purpose built, fully integrated CRM.


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