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Brexit, EU-to-GB trade and new controls on the health and standards of food imports


Britain's exit from the European Union has had a significant impact on the world of food imports and exports. In this session, the Institute of Export & International Trade's Rob Booth provides an update on physical checks and documentation required for food imports entering GB from the EU - now and in the future.


  • Rob Booth, IOE&IT Trade & Customs Specialist - The Institute of Export and International Trade

Download the presentation here.

EU export opportunities in the post-Brexit era


Green Seed Group take on the role of EU markets for exporters post-Brexit, with insights and practical advice on how to identify and realise opportunities in overseas markets.


  • Simon Waring, Managing Director, Green Seed UK
  • Philip Horemans, Managing Director, Green Seed Belgium, Chairman, Green Seed Group

Where next for sustainable packaging?


Packaging, perhaps more than most sectors, has had to confront the issue of sustainability head on. In this session, we take a look at some of the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions and how to translate sometimes complex calculations into consistent and accurate consumer messaging.


  • David Harding-Brown, Founder Partner - The Packaging Collective


  • Andy Sweetman, Sales and Marketing Director - Futamura
  • Hugh Lewis, Head of Proposition Strategy - Gousto
  • James Wallace, UK Sales Manager - BioPak UK

Buy or build? Where next for NPD innovation?


With a huge amount of growth in grocery coming from new entrants to the market, what is the role of innovation within a corporate F&B company? This session explores the changing world of how new ideas are generated and the role played by big brand owners in helping them scale.


  • Ian Wright, Co-Chair, Food & Drink Sector Council


  • Paddy Willis, Co founder - Mission Ventures
  • Gerardo Mazzeo, Former Nestle Global Innovation Director, Innovation Advisor
  • Mike Anstey, Pilot Lite Ventures - Pilot Lite Ventures

What are the packaging trends set to define 2022 and beyond?

In this insightful presentation, FMCG Gurus will reveal some of the major trends in the world of food & drink packaging, with a focus on sustainability and ensuring an ethical and eco-friendly supply chain.


  • Will Cowling, Marketing Manager - FMCG Gurus

Download the presentation here.

The road to net zero: How can we achieve greater sustainability in food & drink?

Not sure where to begin with decarbonising your operations? Concerned about food waste within the industry but don't know how to help reduce it? Join this session as our panel of experts discuss the impact of GHG emissions and what action is needed to reach agreed industry pledges.


  • Emma Piercy, Head of Climate Change and Energy Policy - FDF


  • James Persad, Head of Marketing and Communications, FareShare
  • Dr Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability, Nestle

  • Dr Stephen Mackenzie, Greenhouse Gases Specialist (food), WRAP

  • Adam Baisley, Chief Commercial Officer, Olleco

How to win a Quality Food Award (and how it will help your business)


Join the Quality Food Awards team as they explain how to maximise your chances of success, and what winning can mean for you. Hear from one of last year’s winners and how it has helped their company.


  • Beth Treleaven, Business Development and Key Account Manager - UK Quality Food Awards
  • Simon Wright, Founder - OF+ Consulting
  • Fiona Bell, Business Owner - Caliendo's Gelato
  • Michelina Caliendo-Sear, Business Owner - Caliendo's Gelato

Managing regulatory changes: HFSS and Front of Pack Labelling


With the health of the nation and the world on the political agenda, legislation to support ESG practices is evolving both upstream and downstream in food supply chains. This means businesses must be prepared for regulatory change. In this session, food labelling and regulatory experts from Ashbury, and retail technology leaders from Oracle, discuss the importance of data as a tool to prepare for legislative change such as HFSS and front of pack labelling, and how product information and technology can work together to protect your brand and your end consumers into the future.  


  • Pete Martin, Regulatory Director - Ashbury
  • Paul Woodward, Senior Director - Oracle Retail Brand Solutions

Download the presentation here.

Compostable packaging - next generation of food packaging


The food industry is the number one contributor to plastic waste.

Taking the example of an orange peel, TIPA developed flexible packaging that on one hand is fully compostable and at the same time mimics conventional plastic. Learn how your next packaging can minimize food waste while choosing materials that benefit our ecosystems.


  • Gary Tee, Regional Sales Director - TIPA Compostable Packaging

Download the presentation here.

How challenger brands drive category growth, footfall and create a point of difference


In this enlightening session, Karen Green, the Food Mentor and challenger brand expert explores how retail buyers can benefit from giving the smaller brands a chance to bring innovation, better margins and a point of difference to their ranges - highlighting some of the latest successes that have lead to huge category growth from ice cream to plant based meat alternatives.


  • Karen Green, Food Mentor - Edesia Consulting LTD

Export Insights - taking your brand to new markets


This three-part event, hosted by the Food & Drink Exporters Association (FDEA) offers insights, learning's and practical tips for food and drink businesses to unlock global markets and discover new opportunities to grow their brand.


  • Sandra Sullivan, Director, FDEA
  • Nicola Thomas, Director, FDEA
  • Sian Holt, Managing Director, Fudge Kitchen
  • Adam Sopher, Co-founder & Director, Joe & Seph’s
  • Cath White, Head of International, Belvoir Fruit Farms
  • Ben Pegna, General Manager Strategy and Business Development, Richmond Enterprises
  • Cameron Gordon, Director, Incite

Changing Consumer Tastes and the Impact of World Flavours


The impact of COVID-19 has had both temporary and long term affects on consumer food choices and behaviours.  In particular a willingness to enhance meal and snack enjoyment via new flavours and embracing cuisines styles and meal preparations has encouraged both adventurous and traditional households to re-think their food choices.

 Louisa McCoy and Jules Greene from Good Sense Research discuss what they have observed with regards to meal and food flavour preferences including changing trends and preferred cuisines in this short webinar.


  • Jules Greene, Qualitative Specialist, Good Sense Research
  • Louisa McCoy, Research Manager, Good Sense Research

Standing out from the crowd: How smart packaging design can deliver retail success

We're told not to judge a book by its cover, but in food & drink retail positive first impressions are vital. Product design makes a huge difference to success on the shelf, and in this session Threesixty Brand and Packaging Design talk us through what it takes to make an impression in a busy marketplace.


  • Jon Stevens, Partner - Threesixty Brand and Packaging Design
  • Chris Isted, Creative Director - Threesixty Brand and Packaging Design

Co-op looks to the future of food and drink retail


Retail Week's Luke Tugby sits down with Chris Conway, Head of eCommerce at Co-op, to reflect on how the past two years have transformed the world of food & drink, and how major supermarket chains are working with speedy delivery services and new tech brands to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. 
Plus, during a challenging time for many consumers, this conversation will examine how sustainability can remain top of the agenda for food & drink retail without compromising product value and customer experience. 


  • Chris Conway, Ecommerce Director - Co-op
  • Luke Tugby, Editor, Retail Week

Inclusion and Diversity in UK Food and Drink Manufacturing


Jill Coyle (Apprenticeship Manager Nestlé UK&I, Member Chair of the FDF’s Employment and Skills Forum) will be chairing a panel of Inclusion & Diversity experts to discuss the key issues facing our sector in this important policy area.

This event also marked the launch of a new FDF report on Inclusion and Diversity in UK food and drink manufacturing and the FDF’s Inclusion and Diversity network, a new informal network for sharing best practice in the area of workplace inclusion and diversity.


  • Jill Coyle, Apprenticeship Manager, Nestlé UK & Ireland
  • Pranav Chopra, Director, NEMI Teas
  • Sam Akinluyi, UK&I Managing Director, innocent drinks, and Founder Partner of PSALT
  • Johanna Dickinson, HR Director, KP Snacks
  • Griffin Shiel, Policy Executive, Food and Drink Federation

Disrupting the status quo to achieve a truly sustainable future


This session explores the innovations that are contributing to the circular economy and how the food and drink sector can contribute to a sustainable post-pandemic world. With new sustainability targets coming into effect shortly your legal obligations are about to change. Are you ready? Drawing on case studies, this session goes through those legal obligations and some real-world examples of ways you can ensure you can meet them before the laws come into effect. 


  • David Newman, Managing Director, Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association
  • Neil Shackleton, Managing Director, Medoola

Download the presentation here.

Futureproof: The industry's fight for genuine sustainability


Certified B Corporation has become a trusted marker of a sustainable business. But what does it take for food & drink suppliers to achieve this certification, and how can retailers and wholesalers best highlight these products? This panel, hosted by consultancy HRA Global, takes a look at the industry's journey to measuring sustainable business practices.


  • Hamish Renton, HRA Global

  • John Steel, CEO, Cafedirect

  • Tim Etherington-Judge, Co-founder, Avallen Spirits

Busting the myths around sustainable packaging and deciding what is the right path for your business


This session showcases several innovative packaging solutions across compostable and recyclable models. Exploring the different products, we ask which one you should choose for your products and the supply chain implications and bottom-line impact to help you make the right packaging decision for your new products.


  • Neil Shackleton, Managing Director, Medoola
  • Sam Walker, Technical Director, BioPak

  • Andy Sweetman, Chairman, Biobased & Biodegradable Industries Association

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