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Sourced from Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and the USA* our hulled millet and millet groats have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture and are 99.9% pure. They are 100% Hulled Millet with possible cross contamination due to co-mingling during transportation from the grower.
Extraneous vegetable material makes up <0.1% of the product, unhulled seeds / kernels/ sticks-tights <0.3%, broken (smaller than ½ seed/kernel <0.1% and discoloured seeds / kernels <0.5%. The seeds are free from glass, metal, plastic, wood, stones, mud balls, GMO, irradiation, insect damage and infestation.
Millet is a small, flat, oval shaped seed that is golden yellow in colour. The texture is crunchy and the seed have no off-tastes or off-smells associated with it.
Packaged in 25kg, 50lbs or bulk paper or tote bags featuring the company name, product name, lot number, pack weight, BBE date, country of origin and country of processing, the product should be stored in a cool and dry place at ambient temperatures.


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