Oil sealed pump SOGEVAC B

Leybold UK Ltd Stand: 1440

Low Cost Of Ownership With Sustainable Performance

The innovative Leybold SOGEVAC B single-stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps are ideal for modern industrial applications distinguished by low noise levels, high pumping speeds and high reliability. SOGEVAC B pumps have a pumping capacity range from 10 to 750 m3/h @ 50 Hz with an ultimate pressure of = 8 X 10-2 mbar.

The rotor, having three slots in which the vanes slide, is eccentrically installed in a pump cylinder (stator). The vanes separate the interior space into three chambers. The volume of these chambers varies with the rotation of the rotor. The gas sucked into the inlet chamber is compressed and then pushed out through the exhaust valve. The oil injected in the inlet chamber guarantees the air-tightness, lubrication and cooling of the pump. It is dragged off by the compressed gases and roughly separated by gravity when entering in the oil sump. A fine separation is then operated in the exhaust filter, with an oil loss of below 1 ppm which is a benchmark in the industry.

SOGEVAC B pumps are equipped with an anti-suck back valve at the inlet flange avoids oil coming back into the inlet line when the pump is stopped and a gas ballast for pumping condensable vapors.

Pumping of non-condensable gases
SOGEVAC B pumps show high reliability in applications with non-condensable gases when operated without gas ballast. If the composition of the gases to be pumped is not known and if condensation in the pump cannot be ruled out, the pump is operated with open gas ballast.

Pumping of condensable gases and vapors
With the gas ballast open and at operating temperature, the SOGEVAC B oil sealed rotary vane pumps can pump pure water vapor up to the values indicated in the Technical Data.
The necessary oil is supplied in the pump for those bigger than 65 m3/h.


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