Phil™ 300

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  • Phil™ 300
  • Phil™ 300
  • Phil™ 300
Phil™ 300 Phil™ 300 Phil™ 300

Phil™ 300 is a state of the art filling machine that is perfect for smaller companies looking to pack dry ingredients between 1g - 300g. Just load your ingredients into the top of the hopper, enter your desired weight on the digital display and the intelligent micro-computer will automatically fill your ingredients into your packaging, in a matter of seconds, with a 0.2g of accuracy, whilst displaying a count of how many have been dispensed.

  • Filling range 1-300g*
  • Top Hopper Capacity 6.5L *
  • Pack up to 20 bags per minute*
  • Accurate to within 0.2g*
  • CE Approved and 5-star Food Hygiene Rating*
  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tested at UKAS accredited test lab with 135-page report
  • Compact table top size (43 x 33 x 61cm)
  • Works with a large variety of dry ingredients


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