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Quinoa Quinoa Quinoa
Sourced from Peru, our quinoa has a shelf life of 24 months minimum from the date of manufacture and is 100% quinoa and 99.9% pure.
The quinoa seed is a flattened, small round bead, beige in colour with a sweet/bitter taste. The product has no off-tastes or off-smells associated with it.
Extraneous vegetable material makes up <0.1% with discoloured seeds (smaller than ½) seeds/kernels 0.01%, broken seeds <0.01% and white quinoa <0.05%. The product is free from glass, metal, plastic, wood, stones and mud balls.
Packaged in 20kg and 25lb paper bags featuring the company name, product name, lot number, pack weight, BBE date, country of origin and country of processing, the product should be stored in a cool and dry place below 15°C.


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