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26 Oct 2023

Recycled Content Certification

Loop Certified Stand: 381e
Loop Certified


The scope of the Recycled Content Certification is to provide users of the standard with the confidence that the quantity of recycled material in a product and/or packaging is accurate. The Recycled Content
Certification provides guidance to manufacturers, auditors, the public and other interested parties for the consistent calculation and interpretation of recycled content.
The Recycled Content Certification specifies:
● Management methods to ensure the consistency of recycled product for any manufactured item
● Ensuring traceability of recycled input material for any manufactured item
● Company commitment to uphold recycled content claim for their products and a culture of continuous improvement
● Methods used to verify the quantity of recycled material in a manufactured item while considering no

Recycled content legislation
The Recycled Content Certification has been intended to support compliance with legislative requirements for recycled content. While legislation does vary from country to country, it commonly focuses on:
● Increased import tariffs for virgin material
● Penalties for virgin material usage
● Concessions for recycled material usage.
Therefore, this document has been developed to assist product and packaging manufacturers to demonstrate to legislators their compliance to local and international laws.


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