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Berrico strives to offer mango all year round with many different varieties, sweet to sour. These are mostly grown on plantations in Africa, South America and Asia. The dried mango is oven-dried at a low temperature to protect the colour and no sugar is added.

Organic and Conventional


  • Full strips
  • Half strips
  • Chunks


Berrico’s dried banana products are grown in Ecuador, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Providing recipe design for snacking, baking and bars.

Organic and Conventional

Origin: Sri Lanka


  • Dried banana strips, natural
  • Banana coins, natural
  • Banana pieces, natural
  • Fried banana chips, coconut sugar
  • Fried banana chips, cane sugar
  • Green banana powder
  • Ripe banana powder
  • Banana paste


Berrico’s dried pineapple is available as rings or tidbits in organic or conventional quality. This tropical fruit does not grow on a pineapple tree but on a plant just above the ground. Berrico’s dried pineapple is grown in Sri Lanka, South America and Tanzania. Pineapples are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are good for the digestion.

Organic and Conventional
Origin: Sri Lanka, South America and Tanzania

  • Rings
  • 1/4 Cut
  • 1/8 Cut
  • 1/16 Cut


The physalis is best known for its decorative calyx that wraps around the berry and gives it a lantern-like appearance. The physalis retains its husk even after it is picked, making it an ideal decoration for culinary dishes, desserts and salads. Dried physalis has a unique sweet and sour taste which packs a punch to baked goods and bars. Berrico’s physalis grows in the mountains of South America and is available in organic and conventional quality.

Organic and Conventional

Origin: South America


  • Whole


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