VACUBE Oil sealed pumps

Leybold UK Ltd Stand: 1440

Innovative design enables a plug-and-play installation and operation

Leybold VACUBE, intelligent single stage oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps are a turnkey solution for industrial applications with frequency converter to generate vacuum on demand. The VACUBE includes an intelligent controller for remote connectivity. The system offers superior performance for a wide range of rough vacuum applications including Central vacuum applications.

Leybold VACUBE oil sealed screw pump technology with frequency-controlled speed adjustment offers long system service life, optimized energy consumption and a minimal footprint. Central vacuum systems with VACUBE deliver optimized performance and energy savings. They are controlled by advanced controllers that network with each other. The VACUBE systems cover a wide range of applications in the field of central factory vacuum supply.

Plug and pump

Each VACUBE comes as a complete package with all the required components inside:

  • Inlet valve
  • Inlet filter
  • Inlet vacuum sensor
  • Screw pump module
  • Pump temperature sensors
  • Electrical cabinet with PLC
  • Box-shaped cubicle for tidiness and sound insulation

Improve your energy efficiency

Each VACUBE can be programmed to pump “just what you need” on your process. This generates big energy savings compared to fixed-speed pumps running all the time

The built-in PLC allows you to program calendar days and hours of production, to run the pump only when required


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