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16 Feb 2024

Working Successfully with Trade Unions

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Working successfully with trade unions

From onsite project-based support to advice and guidance in the event of an industrial relations crisis, we can help organisations meet their employee relations challenges.

Trade union support

With a wealth of expertise from working with trade unions at a local, regional, and national level, we can support organisations with tactical and legal advice, drafting documentation, and attendance at a variety of meetings:

  • Union recognition agreements
  • ICE agreements
  • Pay negotiations
  • Industrial disputes
  • Business restructuring including full closure
  • Management of change programmes
  • Procedural matters
  • Complex investigations hearings and appeals
  • Harmonisation of terms and conditions
  • Employee relations strategy
  • Training - including working successfully with trade unions

Our team of experienced barristers and solicitors has dealt with many complex industrial relations disputes including business change, pay and conditions, hours of work, restructuring and shift patterns. Equally, we can work with organisations to bring about a swift and amicable resolution preventing the escalation of potentially damaging industrial action.

CAC claims and trade union recognition

In response to a trade union application, the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) may declare that a union must be recognised for collective bargaining on pay, hours of work and holidays. This legal procedure is complex, costly, and drawn out.  It can also have consequences for employee morale, corporate relations and commercial relationships with suppliers and customers.

With decades of experience in advising on, representing employers in and managing such claims, we can offer both strategic ER and legal representation to deal with any union recognition claims. This includes drafting voluntary agreements and representing organisations in any challenge, even full representation before the CAC.

We can also assist you in dealing with any requests by trade union/s for collective bargaining information and or challenges under ICE, including full representation before the CAC.

If you require advice with Trade Unions, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Training or HR, Employment law. Our experienced team of consultants are here to help.

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