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18 Mar 2024

Yuzu Juice

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  • Yuzu Juice
  • Yuzu Juice
Yuzu Juice Yuzu Juice

Packing: 20 kilo frozen jerry cans.

Description: 100% Japanese Yuzu juice NFC (not from concentrate), pressed in Japan with the natural essential oil intact.

Background: There is an old saying in Japan, "Three years for peaches and chestnuts, eight years for persimmons and eighteen years for stupid yuzus (until they bear the first fruits)." This somewhat insulting figurative phrase for yuzu describes how long it takes before yuzu trees bear fruit.

It shows how precious they are and how we must wait before good things can happen. However, these hard-earned fruits are very aromatic and nutritious, which makes them one of the most popular citrus fruits in Japan.

People enjoy not only yuzu juice but also its peels in tea or for seasoning purposes, or even floating them in a bath for skin care.

Those vitally powerful yuzu trees can live for 100 years and sometimes up to 300 years or more.

Who uses it?

Applied extensively in Japanese cooking, sauces and condiments. Now used increasingly in juice drinks, tonics, desserts and seafood dishes. Attributes of the Yuzu fruit: Has a complex citrusy flavour which tastes like a cross between lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. High in vitamin C, with three times the amount than in a standard lemon.


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