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Alex Royal

Alex Royal

Clinical Dietitian, Feed Me Seymour Health
Alex is a Registered Dietitian known for her innovative work in business, and her novel, holistic approach in the field of nutrition.Alex practiced in the clinical arena at a renowned academic hospital in South Africa for 5 years. This was followed by her work in the private practice world where she became a specialist in the field on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. She works with clients unrooting the key issues to their health and wellness concerns, starting with their genes. Alex co-authored a book, called “Genes to Plate” which focuses on linking ones genotype with food, dietary principles and recipes that best suit their health. The book is one of a kind and endorsed by several credible scientists in the field. Alex has also co-founded two successful businesses that have had large, positive impacts on people’s health. The first being an individualised, tech-based meal delivery business named “Daily Dietitian” which was launched in 2014 in multiple cities around South Africa. The second being a group of online programs, named “Thrive Wellness”. These programs embody the latest science in the fields of detoxification, longevity and overarching health. Apart from nutrition, Alex is also qualified with an honours degree in Environmental Science and Biomedical Physiology.

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