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Carniel Francis Levy

Carniel Francis Levy

Carniel Francis Levy, a well versed chef with 19 years experience. Carniel embarked on a culinary adventure that saw him refine his craft under the mentorship of industry greats like Richard Corrigan and Jason Atherton at establishments such as Bentleys and Berner’s Tavern. Having cultivated an intricate palate for fine dining, Carniel seamlessly transitioned to modern Caribbean cuisine. As the Head Chef at The Residency Notting Hill, he curated an opulent culinary experience, blending the vibrancy of Caribbean flavours with a contemporary finesse that was an instant hit and earned him the plaudits he deserved. Beyond the kitchen's realm, Carniel extends his passion to consultancy, crafting bespoke Caribbean dining experiences and orchestrating private dining for the lucky few. Carniel is dedicated to elevating Caribbean cuisine to new heights and inspiring the next generation to appreciate the sophistication and allure embedded in the rich tapestry of Caribbean flavours.

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