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Dan Barron

Dan Barron

Non Executive Director, Just So Care Ltd

Dan’s career in FMCG sales & marketing introduced him to the world of health food in 2003, launching brands in the UK on behalf of overseas brand owners long before plant based foods became mainstream.  Persuading the British public to add more green food to their diet led to Dan taking an instrumental role in leading the green smoothie revolution in 2007 through an extensive PR campaign.

In 2016, Dan started his own sales brokerage for healthy and indulgent food brands, Provide & Conquer Limited and through his team has tested and brought to market more than 30 brands and concepts.

Learning from that experience, Dan has founded Lemon Leaf Distribution Limited, which is positioned to launch the Kurt’s Kitchen brand, a proprietary brand that offers indulgent meal solutions that satisfy the demands of today’s consumer, i.e. organic, vegan and ethically sourced.

Having begun his working life as a seafood chef, Dan has remained interested in all aspects of cooking and exploring food culture around the world.


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