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Harry Dyer

Harry Dyer

Director, SHRUB
Harry and Sam started Shrub in 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Prior to Shrub, they had worked in high pressure professional kitchens, organic permaculture farms and food-chain logistics. In their time working within these industries, they identified the desire from fellow chefs to get as close to their food as possible. Equally, small, new and emerging organic farms were in need of a larger, more economically viable market to sell from. While the restaurant and wholesale industries were dormant, Shrub was born. There is a growing demand for complete transparency and integrity in our supply chains, not just for our health, our natural world and wild places, but also our local economies, cultures and a secure food future. Shrub facilitates the relationships between producers and chefs in a modern way, with a nod to the priptionast.

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