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Kate Hofman

Kate Hofman

Founder, GrowUp Farms

Kate Hofman is the Founder and Chief Brand Officer of pioneering vertical farm, GrowUp Farms. Kate has an MSc in Environmental Technology and Business from Imperial College and while studying for her MSc over 10 years ago, she came across the idea of vertical farming. Kate was inspired by the huge potential for sustainable agriculture, combining new and existing technology that allows fresh produce to be grown that tastes better, lasts longer and reduces the environmental impact of getting food into supermarkets. Ten years later, having secured a £100 million investment, GrowUp has a team of more than 80 employees. Its research and innovation centre, The Leaf Lab operates just outside of Cambridge. In 2023 the business opened Pepperness, the farm in Kent that is the first farm in the UK to supply branded salad to a major supermarket chain.


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