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King Enekeme

King Enekeme

Consultant, Private Chef to Idris Elba
British-Nigerian King Enekeme is the private chef to Hollywood A-lister Idris Elba and has cooked for the likes of Steve McQueen, Edward Enniful and Kevin Hart to name a few. Raised in London, King’s food is a combination of his West African heritage and the global influences that make his hometown one of the world’s great food capitals. From sous chef to an executive chef alongside some of the most renowned Michelin-starred chefs, through to now where he travels the globe cooking for the big hitters of Hollywood and music. His ability to combine traditional African cuisine with modern techniques and ideas makes him one of the most exciting chefs of his generation, and the go to chef for Black British A-listers. The dishes King creates has a reverence in the African food renaissance, showcasing Africa’s agricultural bounty through an unapologetic lens of lifestyle & the culture of food. ‘It is the Nigerian (Yoruba) phrase Ásë” meaning “all is well” that is the guiding principles for Kings work’.

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