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Meena Sadasivan

Meena Sadasivan

Programme Associate, Foundervine

Meena is a programme associate at Foundervine, a social enterprise dedicated to providing support and growth opportunities for underrepresented founders looking to build sustainable businesses. Meena’s work at Foundervine involves setting up and delivering a range of programmes that support entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. A few programmes are in collaboration with notable names such as Lloyds Bank, WeWork, Wray & Nephew and Distill Ventures.

Meena had a significant role in the delivery of the Thrive With Sainsbury's Programme. This comprehensive 16-week incubator programme was designed to help Black-led start-ups, with a £1,000,000 commitment to supporting their transition to supermarket shelves. Meena is passionate about supporting underrepresented businesses at any stage to grow and scale, and her work with Foundervine has been instrumental in supporting a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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