Mike Anstey

Mike Anstey

Pilot Lite Ventures, Pilot Lite Ventures
Following a solid corporate foundation with Cargill, the food and agriculture giant, Mike decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, which saw him founding, funding, running and selling five personal businesses worldwide. During this time, he personally raised $90M and dealt with some of the largest brands in the world - L'Oréal, Unilever, Kraft, GSK, Nokia, Sony, Royal Mail, Motorola, AUDI, P&G, across USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 
In 2008, Mike pioneered the discipline of venture management and co-founded Pilot Lite to help corporates accelerate the commercialisation of innovation. In addition to driving business development, he has helped to establish Pilot Lite operations in Africa, India and the USA and to launch new businesses in those markets, having personally launched ten non-branded businesses for PepsiCo in Kenya, Nigeria, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Unilever in India and US, Kraft in the USA, plus the Royal Mail in both the UK and EU.