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Natalie Babbage

Natalie Babbage

Director, LinkQ, Kantar
Natalie is an owner of the thought leadership and client package Who Cares, WhoDoes? which combines attitudes and actions around sustainability to real FMCG purchasing behaviour and spending values. She is constantly seeking for new ways to clearly quantify and track the impact of consumer engagement and brand activity around sustainability on brand performance in terms of penetration and sales. This area is one that can help unlock commitment from the sceptics, shareholders and finance teams in our client to create more sustainable products. Natalie has over 17 years' experience supporting FMCG brands to grow their penetration through insights into brand strategy, innovation, media, promotion and pricing and retailer partnerships through leveraging consumer purchase panel data. These include most the brands in your cupboard or bathroom including P&G, Unilever, Pepsi, Coke, Nestlé as well as local Chinese giants such as Yili and Mengniu. Natalie’s career has spanned living UK and China and currently she is a global solution director based in London.

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