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Phil Diacon

Phil Diacon

Chief Simulation Officer, Impact Resilience
Phil has experienced active service as a fighter-pilot leading combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan where, in the face of the most hostile and extreme disruption, he demonstrated the resilient mindset and adaptability needed to do the job - and to survive. With 25 years of hands-on experience in aviation and business, Phil has planned for, and dealt with, disruptions of all types. Resilience (as we now call it) of people, processes and technology has been honed with years of training, rehearsal and embedding. Now, in a world that continues to lurch from crisis to crisis, Phil and the team combine their military expertise with over 25 years of commercial acumen in some of the world's riskiest industries (including travel and maritime security and intelligence) to deliver their unique Rigour in Resilience methodology. With a singular mission to make Britain’s organisations more resilient, they help to make businesses strong enough to withstand this chaotic era.

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