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Tim Davies

Tim Davies

Founder & CEO, DuelFuel

Throughout his career, Tim has worked with some of the biggest and most well-known brands in consumer-packaged goods, across a myriad of sectors; sports apparel, technology, clothing, personal grooming and – his true passion - food and beverage.


His thirty-year career began in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert and weaved through Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, with two guiding principles to achievement commonplace throughout – success is borne through knowing the minutiae of customers’ needs and wants and evangelising passionately for their interests.


During the Covid-lockdown Tim assembled a team and working together over the next two years they developed DuelFuel, launching at the beginning of 2022. The business quickly faced unprecedented and unforeseen challenges, outside the business’ control. Tim and the team had a choice – do nothing and accept the business would fail or stand up to and overcome the challenges. With their customers’ interests serving as the team’s North Star, Tim and his team stood up…


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