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Taste Test: Trends and opportunities in the ingredients market


Consumers are more aware than ever of what goes into the food they eat, and they want natural, ethical ingredients that don't compromise on taste. In this session FMCG Gurus highlights five 'ones-to-watch' in the world of ingredients, and discusses how we can overcome consumer scepticism and meet the needs of our customers.


  • Will Cowling, Marketing Manager, FMCG Gurus

Download the presentation here.

Changing Consumer Tastes and the Impact of World Flavours


The impact of COVID-19 has had both temporary and long term affects on consumer food choices and behaviours.  In particular a willingness to enhance meal and snack enjoyment via new flavours and embracing cuisines styles and meal preparations has encouraged both adventurous and traditional households to re-think their food choices.

 Louisa McCoy and Jules Greene from Good Sense Research discuss what they have observed with regards to meal and food flavour preferences including changing trends and preferred cuisines in this short webinar.


  • Jules Greene, Qualitative Specialist, Good Sense Research
  • Louisa McCoy, Research Manager, Good Sense Research

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