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NPD Sessions sponsored by BCMPA: From kitchen table to factory floor


In the first of two back-to-back NPD sessions, we take a close look at the early development process, some of the common roadblocks that need to be navigated and what boxes need to be ticked to ready yourself for conversations with manufacturers.


  • Susan Arkley, Freelance consultant and lecturer


  • Nick Henson, Food Product Development Consultant
  • Richard Werran, Regional Director, Food and Retail Sector - BSI
  • Ruth Dolby, Director - Food Science Fusion Ltd

NPD Sessions sponsored by BCMPA: Working with 3rd party contract manufacturers to meet buyer demands


In the second of two-back-to-back NPD sessions, we examine what it takes to ready your product for further development and scalability, how to effectively partner with manufacturers and meet buyers' high standards.


  • Emma Verkaik, Membership and Marketing Director - BCMPA


  • Cyril Guillemart, Business Development Manager - The Alexir Partnership
  • Olly Reynalds, Managing Director - Sauce Shed
  • Nick Henson, Food Product Development Consultant

Buy or build? Where next for NPD innovation?


With a huge amount of growth in grocery coming from new entrants to the market, what is the role of innovation within a corporate F&B company? This session explores the changing world of how new ideas are generated and the role played by big brand owners in helping them scale.


  • Ian Wright, Co-Chair, Food & Drink Sector Council


  • Paddy Willis, Co founder - Mission Ventures
  • Gerardo Mazzeo, Former Nestle Global Innovation Director, Innovation Advisor
  • Mike Anstey, Pilot Lite Ventures - Pilot Lite Ventures

Can your supply chain support the planet?

Regenerative agriculture is the new buzzword, but how can it work with the food manufacturing sector for mutually beneficial results? In this session we'll learn about regenerative farming and hear from experts in the sector about the positive impact farming methods can have on wildlife, the planet and nature.


  • Ben Summers, Sustainable Agriculture Manager - innocent drinks


  • Mark Machin, Supply Chain Development Manager - Soil Association
  • Glen Burrows, Co-founder and Creative Director - The Ethical Butcher
  • Diana Spellman, Founder - Partners in Purchasing

The digital future of food and beverage manufacturing

The world is changing rapidly, putting the pressure on food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and deliver safe food, produced with minimum waste from sustainable and transparent sources. During this session you will learn about the top trends and how a digital platform helps food and beverage manufacturers be on the leading edge of product innovation, productivity, food safety, transparency, and sustainability. Practical use cases will be presented to get a better understanding of what’s possible with modern technology, data and artificial intelligence.


  • Marcel Koks, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Senior, Infor

Download the presentation here.

Vegan manufacturing in its purest form


Should vegan products be manufactured solely in vegan factories? As vegan products increase in popularity this star-studded industry panel take a look at the manufacturing of these products and how they can best be produced ethically on a large scale.


  • Matthew Glover, Managing Director - Veg Capital


  • Esther Pearson, Managing Director - Clive's Purely Plants
  • Scott McCulloch, Co- founder - The Vegan Kind
  • Charlie Fisher, Global R&D Director - Wicked Kitchen
  • Parm Bains, Co-founder - SHICKEN

Inclusion and Diversity in UK Food and Drink Manufacturing


 Jill Coyle (Apprenticeship Manager Nestlé UK&I, Member Chair of the FDF’s Employment and Skills Forum) will be chairing a panel of Inclusion & Diversity experts to discuss the key issues facing our sector in this important policy area.

This event also marked the launch of a new FDF report on Inclusion and Diversity in UK food and drink manufacturing and the FDF’s Inclusion and Diversity network, a new informal network for sharing best practice in the area of workplace inclusion and diversity.


  • Jill Coyle, Apprenticeship Manager, Nestlé UK & Ireland
  • Pranav Chopra, Director, NEMI Teas
  • Sam Akinluyi, UK&I Managing Director, innocent drinks, and Founder Partner of PSALT
  • Johanna Dickinson, HR Director, KP Snacks
  • Griffin Shiel, Policy Executive, Food and Drink Federation

Tips to Start-ups on how to engage with Contract Manufacturers and Packers

How to take your project from the drawing board into production, a presentation on the dos and don’ts for start-ups when planning development and production. 


  • Emma Verkaik, Marketing and Membership Director, BCMPA
  • Nick Henson, FIFST, NH Development Services

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