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The digital future of food and beverage manufacturing

The world is changing rapidly, putting the pressure on food and beverage manufacturers to innovate and deliver safe food, produced with minimum waste from sustainable and transparent sources. During this session you will learn about the top trends and how a digital platform helps food and beverage manufacturers be on the leading edge of product innovation, productivity, food safety, transparency, and sustainability. Practical use cases will be presented to get a better understanding of what’s possible with modern technology, data and artificial intelligence.


  • Marcel Koks, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Senior, Infor

Download the presentation here.

What are the packaging trends set to define 2022 and beyond?

In this insightful presentation, FMCG Gurus will reveal some of the major trends in the world of food & drink packaging, with a focus on sustainability and ensuring an ethical and eco-friendly supply chain.


  • Will Cowling, Marketing Manager, FMCG Gurus

Download the presentation here.

Is technology the route to a more sustainable future?

Industry professionals are working tirelessly to implement sustainable practices throughout the food & drink supply chain. In this session Danny Bayliss of Campden BRI runs through some of the ways in which technology can streamline and improve the manufacturing process.


  • Danny Bayliss, New technology research manager, Campden BRI

Download the presentation here.

Clearing the air—exploring the ROI of a cleaner breathing space

For the foreseeable future, the issue of air quality is going to be a long term consideration for any large indoor venue. Join Keith Frein of Sterilumen, as he explains the issues to be aware of in this field, shares high risk points of concern and discusses potential technological solutions which are already paving the way for hospitality venues and hotels across Europe.


Keith Frein, VP of International Sales, Sterilumen

Download the presentation here.

Culture Shift: Are lab-grown products the future of food?

Precision fermentation. Biomass fermentation. Cultivated meat. We're reaching a point in the history of our industry where meat and dairy products can be created to a high standard without the need to raise and farm animals. These products will undeniably have a part to play in the future of food, but what will this mean in practice? And, more importantly, what do consumers think?


  • Emma Osborne, CEO - Citizen Kind


  • Leo Groenewegen, Co-founder and CEO - Cellularevolution
  • Eva Sommer, CEO and Founder - Fermify
  • Alan Ivan Ramos, Founder & CEO - Libre Foods
  • Marco Delise, Innovation Lead - Better Dairy

Food Industry 4.0

Technology disruptors changing the supply chain post pandemic. The Osservatori Digital Innovation will showcase top European companies and collaborations that are at the forefront of supply chain transformation and how they are using technology to achieve growth, minimise costs and reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Chiara Corbo, Digital Innovation Manager Food Sector, Osservatori Digital Innovation

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