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In association with IFST


Recognising excellence across food and drink ingredients, the IFE Manufacturing Ingredients Awards in partnership with IFST looks forward to a new era in Food Science and technology.

This award scheme celebrates Food Science and technology as applied in the ingredients industry resulting in innovative products harnessing research and creativity to satisfy and delight consumers in healthy, sustainable, and delicious foods. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the awards and congratulations to the below companies who have been selected as our finalists.

The Finalists

After careful deliberation by our esteemed judging panel, we are pleased to announce the finalists for each of our award categories. Congratulations to the below companies for being chosen as finalists and join us on Monday 25th March at 4pm on the Trends & Innovation Platform to see who is crowned winner for each category! Register to attend IFE Manufacturing here to book your space to the Awards Ceremony.

Innovative Protein Sources

New Technologies for Improved Health

Achieving Sustainable Solutions

New Ingredient Launch from a Startup Company

Simplified Ingredient Lists for Clean Labels

Our Judges


About IFST


The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) is the leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science and technology. It provides evidence-based knowledge resources to support our members and the public understanding of these subjects. Our members are based in business, research, education and government; across the food sector from agriculture to manufacture, retail and foodservice. Members are individuals who benefit from knowledge resources, our professional and social network, and career and professional development opportunities including events and conferences and our online community.

We uphold standards of professionalism in food science and technology by independently certifying members knowledge and skills through professional registers and accreditation schemes that are widely recognised and valued throughout the sector.

As IFST commemorates six decades of innovation, research, and excellence in the field of food science and technology, we are delighted to announce our first event for our Jubilee60 year in 2024. IFST has chosen to collaborate with IFE Manufacturing to create a celebration of innovation and its critical importance to the food sector in producing existing and future iconic products consumers enjoy every day. This joint venture highlights IFST's commitment to promote growth and knowledge of the professionals who power the food sector. By joining forces with IFE Manufacturing, we aim to unlock new frontiers in food technology, using this collaboration to celebrate advancements and foster collaboration between academia, policy, and industry.

Driving Innovation and Collaboration
Through our collaboration, IFST and IFE Manufacturing will work hand in hand to accelerate innovation, enhance food safety, and promote sustainable practices. By pooling our resources and expertise, we aspire to create an event where research and development specialists interact and exchange knowledge with sales, marketing and consumer facing teams, leading to groundbreaking solutions that benefit the entire food industry.

A Global Impact
Our commitment goes beyond borders. As IFST and IFE Manufacturing are dedicated to sharing our discoveries and knowledge worldwide. We will create opportunities for professionals, academics, and organisations to engage in an exchange of ideas and best practices, amplifying the global impact of our partnership.


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